Your job as a leader is to make sure that every officer and civilian is engaged in meaningful work, has opportunities to grow, and experiences pride and fulfillment, knowing they are part of a noble profession that makes the world better.

The Josephson Institute Exemplary Policing Center (EPC) has teamed up with the California Police Chiefs Association to develop values-based training courses to improve morale, officer performance and the effectiveness and ethical quality of policing agencies. Basic courses will be offered periodically at EPC regional training centers. Agencies may also host on-site courses. 
All courses can be adapted and offered as on-site courses for individual agencies.

Agencies that send two or more officers receive a 10% discount.

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Butte College Public Safety Training Center Course 101: Exemplary Strategic and Tactical Problem-Solving 08/08/19 $165
Frank Bland Regional Training Center Course 101: Exemplary Strategic and Tactical Problem-Solving

Course 107: Honoring the Badge: Spotting and Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls


Combined Course


Kern County Regional Training Center Course 110: The Use of Force: Best Practices and Policies 05/22/19


Course 100 Creating an Exemplary Agency

Comprehensive introduction to the Josephson Institute’s Exemplary Policing Framework providing tools and strategies to assure procedural integrity (assuring that actions are legal, ethical and effective), focus attention on all aspects of the multi-dimensional policing mission and organizational excellence.

Tuition: Two Days $299.

Course 101 Exemplary Strategic and Tactical Problem-Solving 

Focuses on EPC’s “best possible result” problem-solving strategies to make more ethical and effective decision in each of four contexts:

1) policy and leadership problems 2) personnel/management problems 3) operational/field situations 4) personal problems affecting workplace performance and employee well-being.

     101a – Command Officers

     101b – Lieutenants and Sergeants

     101c – Detectives and Investigators

     101d – FTO’s and Patrol Officers

     101e – Civilian Managers

     101f  – School Resource Officers

     101g – Campus Police

Tuition: half day $165; full day $195.

Course 102. Creating an Exemplary Culture

Provides tools and strategies to assess and strengthen morale and a positive values-based agency culture grounded in ethics, excellence and accountability.

Tuition: half day $165.

Course 103 Creating an Exemplary Workforce

Provides tools and strategies to identify and attract employees with the character, disposition and qualifications to fill sworn and civilian positions, select and supplement academy training to assure readiness, providing growth opportunities, implementing an effective and credible performance process.

Tuition: full day $195.

Course 104 Creating an Exemplary Workplace

Provides tools and strategies to develop and implement exemplary practices and policies that empower and develop personnel and provide fair and credible promotion, deployment and disciplinary processes.

Tuition: full day $195.

Course 105 Promoting Officer Safety, Health and Well-Being

Provides tools and strategies to monitor and constructively enhance the physical and emotional well-being of all police employees including techniques for dealing with trauma and stress, developing resilience, promoting healthy family relations and avoiding depression and substance abuse.

Tuition: half day $165.

Course 106: Procedural Justice and Legitimacy

In-depth exploration of key components of fair and impartial policing to establish legitimacy and create positive community relations. Includes discussion of perceptions and reality concerning racial bias and special challenges of dealing with suspects with impaired mental capacity, with a particular focus on the use of force policy, tactics and training. Course will introduce and explain a wide range of communication and de-escalation strategies.

Tuition: full day $299.

Course 107: Honoring the Badge: Spotting and Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls 

Every day officers are presented with choices that can have long-term career consequences. This course takes a deep dive into applied ethics, dealing with hidden and ignored ethical challenges. The course, led by former Detective Captain James Dugan (current Deputy Director of EPC) whose highly decorated 13-year police career was derailed by one bad judgment, is both sobering and inspiring.

Tuition: half day $165.

Course 108: Community Relations: Teaching Leadership and Character in Schools

Healthy community relations is built on mutual respect and trust. This course incorporates a highly successful CHARACTER COUNTS! model used by some police departments to create a setting in which officers teach leadership skills and character to high school students in the context of policing challenges. The course is designed to increase the ethical reasoning and conduct of students while enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of police. Ideal for community relations and school resource officers.

Tuition: full day $195.

Course 109. Recognizing and Dealing with Police and Public Bias 

This course incorporates but goes beyond current strategies to recognize and reduce explicit and implied bias that may affect officer conduct. It includes suggestions on how to increase community awareness of prevalent and pernicious anti-police bias.

Tuition: half day $195.

Course 110. The Use of Force : Best Practices and Policies

Designed for chiefs and senior management responsible for the formulation of use of force policies and officer training. Discusses current law as well as best practices and policies including strategies to de-escalate confrontations, investigatory and adjudication practices and issues regarding independent review commissions.

Tuition: full day $195