Choices Count Children Songs CD


Item #35-0600

It does matter what kind of music your children listen to! Some scientists think that certain types of music have a positive influence on a learning process. Music has a big impact on a formation of a child’s character too, and, therefore, children songs should always complement this process adequately.

Having this in mind, we released Choices Count Children Songs CD as a perfect solution for your classes. Introduce the kids to the Six Pillars of Character and the concept of making good, ethical choices throughout their lives. This classic collection of CHARACTER COUNTS! favorites, including “The Six Pillar Shuffle”, also features a special song written by Lee Greenwood just for us. The CD includes a booklet of lyrics and bonus instrumental versions of most songs, so you can get the kids to perform them. Buy this CD and inspire your children’s good character, for being a good person is what truly matters.