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Make a statement that students will enjoy and remember with ClipShout. The services provides you unlimited use of an extensive and exclusive collection of licensed movie clips for use in your classroom or presentations. You may also add Film Clips for Character Education guides.


Standard ClipShout

Item #81-0010 – Up to 150 Students… $179
Item #81-0020 – 151-500 Students… $239
Item #81-0030 – 501-1500 Students… $299
Item #81-0040 – 1501-3500 Students… $399

ClipShout + FCCE Guides

Item #81-0050 – Up to 150 Students… $269
Item #81-0060 – 151-500 Students… $359
Item #81-0070 – 501-1500 Students… $449
Item #81-0080 – 1501-3500 Students… $599

Make an impression on your students. ClipShout provides unlimited access to exclusive movie content for educational purposes.

ClipShout is an online resource that gives you unlimited access to an exclusive collection of licensed movie clips for public exhibition. ClipShout is meant to be used by educators, business/seminar speakers, religious leaders, or anyone who wishes to utilize the power of movies to enhance their presentation. Use ClipShout to engage students in reflection and discussions about character and more with hundreds of Hollywood movie clips categorized by topic.

How Does ClipShout Work?

ClipShout subscribers can search for movie clips by teaching themes, movie title, actor, etc. Once you preview the right clip, you can save the clip for later high-res playback, create a playlist, or get a streaming code to add into your presentation software.

What are FCCE guides? 

ClipShout has partnered with Film Clips For Character Education to provide age-appropriate teacher guides designed to launch exciting 5-12 cross-curriculum standards based learning experience. This exciting approach to character education reaches students through a medium for which they have a natural affinity: Hollywood movies. The guides and clips are used to assist teachers and students engage in reflection and discussion about character and moral action.


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Standard ClipShout, ClipShout + FCCE Guides

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Up to 150 School Students, Schools 151-500 Students, Schools 501-1500 Students, Schools 1501-3500 Students