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Seamlessly integrate curriculum with our character education kit. Kits feature McREL standards-based lesson plans, games, handouts, and a teacher’s guide.


Item #15-1030-S – Grades 6 to 8 (age 11 to 13)

Learn how to seamlessly integrate curriculum with character education with Connect With Character from CHARACTER COUNTS! Connect With Character is a unique kit featuring McREL standards-based lesson plans featuring each of The Six Pillars of Character plus an additional lesson plan specifically built to introduce ethical decision making to students. The secondary level version of this kit includes The Golden Pillars board game which is patterned after glitzy Hollywood award shows teens watch with great interest. Additionally we provide follow-up activities to reinforce learning behaviors as well as reproducible handouts which can be used to test their understanding. Also included is a comprehensive teacher’s guide to help you along the way with instructional strategies, prompts and the answers.

Connect With Character makes learning about character fun for even teenage students.

Standards-Based Lesson Plans
Each age-appropriate character education kit contains seven complete lesson-plan outlines (one for each of the Six Pillars of Character and one on ethical decision making). For these younger students, the lessons each involve play and physical activities. The secondary level version of this kit includes The Golden Pillars board game, which is patterned after glitzy Hollywood award shows teens watch with great interest. Ideal for school use or youth-group activities. Designed to be used by educators and teen mentors alike.

McREL Standards
All of our lesson plans contain standards-alignment information in key curriculum categories derived from McREL’s Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education ( Standards language is referenced to a searchable database linked to state standards.

More than 50 follow-up activities and lesson ideas are provided to help expand the content core in each character education module.

Reproducible Handouts
Included in every character education kit is a CD of materials including rubrics, charts, and handouts for easy reproduction to use over and over.

Character Match Card Game
Each character education kit for primary grades (PreK-1 and 2-4) comes with a Character Match card-matching game. It’s an exciting and challenging card-memorization game with animals, people, and symbols relating to the Six Pillars of Character.

User’s Guide
Whether you’re a seasoned professional, new teacher, or teen mentor, this in-depth manual will help you expand your understanding with comprehensive research and best practices for character education and an overview of CHARACTER COUNTS!. The guide includes teaching strategies, classroom-management advice, knowledge construction, and rubrics for peer assessment.

Note: Connect With Character education kits are not returnable. If you are unsure about ordering this product, please review the free sample provided.

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