Daily Character Education Activities: Today Counts


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Make every day count for good character with daily character education activities from Today Counts. Inside, you’ll find a collection of five-to-ten-minute mini-lessons, activities, and writing prompts that promote The Six Pillars of Character and teach good decision-making skills. Designed to fit perfectly in homerooms, advisory groups, after-school programs, and youth groups, Today Counts is a way to engage students every day with ethical, anti-bullying, and character-building issues that are relevant to them. Each day’s activity includes three different variants appropriate for different grade levels. Daily character education activities include:

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday present a quotation from a famous person from history, a proverb from one of the world’s cultures, or an interesting story, for discussion or journaling.
  • Every Tuesday and Friday offer a small-group or whole-class activity, such as a game, a role-play, or a creative project.


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