Auto-B-Good: Edition 1 English Language Arts & Character Activity Disc


Item #35-0300
Grades: 1-4: Ages: 5-10

Auto B Good: Put character back in the driver’s seat with English Language Arts activities for your classroom.

Auto B Good ELA Activities are designed to easily integrate with both the Auto B Good DVD series which is available in 2 editions and storybook set featuring the Six Pillars of Character. Students will enjoy learning critical thinking, reading and writing skills which meet your needs of aligning to Common Core learning standards. This series along with the storybooks and DVD series is officially endorsed by CHARACTER COUNTS! Auto B Good English Language Arts activities are ideal for teachers teaching students from kindergarten through third grade and can be used for reading and class discussions through upper elementary grades. Use this product independently or together with either the DVD series or the Six Pillars of Character storybook set.

Five-time Emmy Award-winning Auto B Good helps enable you to teach English Language Arts to students while combining The Six Pillars of Character. Contains 180 lessons that are both whiteboard enabled and printable to use for classroom English language arts activities. This powerful series provides a engaging character-building twist for students.