Folk Art Classroom Poster Set


Size: 8.5″ wide by 19″ tall


Item #45-9100 – Classroom Poster Set (6)
Item #45-9170 – Folk Art Poster Value Pack (10 sets)
Item #45-9110 – Trustworthiness Poster Pack (10)
Item #45-9120 – Respect Poster Pack (10)
Item #45-9130 – Responsibility Poster Pack (10)
Item #45-9140 – Fairness Poster Pack (10)
Item #45-9150 – Caring Poster Pack (10)
Item #45-9160 – Citizenship Poster Pack (10)

This new folk art inspired poster series is perfect for classrooms and makes an inexpensive way to include the Six Pillars into every school classroom. The background of each banner represents the pursuit of excellence and includes key phrases related to each of the Six Pillars of Character by color and name.

Additional Information

All Six Pillars, Value Pack, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship