E-Book: Moral Kombat 5: Drug & Alcohol Intervention (Facilitator’s Manual)


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Marijuana is the most commonly used substance among adolescents after alcohol.

Experimentation with alcohol and drugs during adolescence is unfortunately common among teens. Often teenagers don’t see the link between their actions today and the consequences they’ll face tomorrow. While some teens only experiment – others will develop a dependency, moving on to more dangerous drugs and causing significant harm to themselves and possibly others.

This is the Facilitator’s Manual to helping at-risk students overcome the challenges they may face regarding and drug & alcohol use. Program targets teens and their families. Through intervention, training, and curriculum – this program is able to achieve nearly an 80% success rate in recidivism studies.

Through incorporating The Six Pillars of Character®, the Moral Kombat book series meets the specific needs of helping at-risk teens deal with decision-making, substance abuse, truancy, parenting, life skills, and criminal behavior. Consider also purchasing in combination with this product the Student Manual and Student Supplement.

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