Moral Kombat 8: Parent & Teen Communication (Digital Curriculum)


You and your teen: two different worlds.

Teenagers are faced with life-changing choices and the consequences almost every day. The middle school and high school years are the most difficult for teens because they are neither children nor adults. Their bodies are rapidly changing, and they face tremendous emotional swings as well. Many teens are seeking answers to tough questions such as how they feel about themselves and what they’ll do with their lives. Through intervention, training, and curriculum – this program is able to achieve nearly an 80% success rate in recidivism studies.

During adolescence, a teen’s need for independence grows and asserts itself in many ways, often leading to very stressful and conflict-producing relationships between them and their parents. This program, utilizing cognitive behavioral strategies and approaches, is a hopeful solution to help re-establish balance to this parent-teen relationship. Family Reunion is a parent and teen communication and conflict resolution program, designed to give both parents and teens the skills they need to communicate effectively and understand each other’s individual and unique needs.

Through incorporating The Six Pillars of Character®, the Moral Kombat book series meets the specific needs of helping at-risk teens overcome decision-making, substance abuse, truancy, parenting, life skills, and criminal behavior.

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