Moral Kombat 9A/B: Truancy Intervention (Digital Curriculum)


Today, you can’t do much without having a high school diploma.

Truancy is one of the leading causes of teens not graduating high school, living in poverty, and ending up in prison. Kids are truant for a variety of reasons—friends, poor relationship with teachers, a disconnectedness from their school, lack of interest in class topics, being bullied or teased, low self-esteem, drug or alcohol use, language barriers, lack of adequate social skills, etc. Through intervention, training, and curriculum – this program is able to achieve nearly an 80% success rate in recidivism studies.

This program, utilizing cognitive behavioral strategies and approaches, educates students with eye-opening insight into the laws and regulations that, in many states, charges parents with Class C Misdemeanors for each day a child misses school. The program empowers youth to succeed by giving them specific options for overcoming their fears and insecurities. It offers ethical decision-making strategies that work, by teaching them (through a facilitated, mentored environment) proven communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills. This curriculum is divided for use as a shorter or longer duration curriculum.

Through incorporating The Six Pillars of Character®, the Moral Kombat book series meets the specific needs of helping at-risk teens overcome decision-making, substance abuse, truancy, parenting, life skills, and criminal behavior.

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